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Meet Tracey

Hi, I'm Tracey
I'm a professional photographer,
based in Whangarei, New Zealand.

I shoots lots of different things from commercial headshots to events and stage performances. However, one of my favourite things is taking your family to the beach and creating relaxed, fun memories for you to treasure for many years to come.

There's just something about the sand and the waves isn't there, that makes everyone feel a lot more relaxed for family photos.


I love designing albums - it's definitely
my thing!

When I first started doing family sessions I had a friend who told me that she had spent months sorting out a whole heap of photos she wanted to print. But it was such a mission to get them all off her phone and computer onto a usb and into town to print. Then when she got them back, she was so disappointed in how the colour and finish looked that she hasn't even put them up anywhere.In fact she told me they are still sitting in a shoebox under the bed!

That's definitely not the kind of outcome I want for your photos!


Here's to not taking life too seriously!


This is what getting family photos looks like in our house!

I grew up in a big family on a farm about 30 mins outside of Whangarei. My husband and I met on our OE in London and returned to bring up our 2 daughters here in Whangarei.

With 3 siblings and 15 nieces and nephews, believe me I know just how crazy and chaotic families can be, especially when you mention the words “family photos”.  

My kids have grown up on the stages of Whangarei singing and acting in what seems like a million concerts and musical theatre productions. Since they started singing with Opera North 10 years ago, I have volunteered as the show photographer so I'm pretty used to working with people of all ages in front of my lens (and the odd little diva - or three!).

So you definitely don't need to stress about everyone "being on your best behaviour" for photos with me, I'm pretty good at going with the flow and adapting your session as we need to.

Beach Lover & Musical Theatre Fan 

  • I love music and musical theatre  and have had the pleasure of photographing both Opera North & Whangarei Theatre Company productions for over 10 years. Phantom of the Opera was my all time favourite!

  • My favourite place to chill out is at Taupo Bay in the Far North.

  • When I am feeling energetic I love to kickbox and climb Mt Parihaka.

  • When I am not feeling so energetic, I love to escape into a good book.



I like to edit your images in beautiful, timeless and true to life colours. I want you to see how blue the ocean was on the day of our visit and remember the real colour of your little girl's pink dress. 

Want to see how this translates into a family portrait session?