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Come and take a look behind the scenes and into the galleries of some of my wonderful clients. 

Regular, everyday people making precious memories for their family's. 

Relaxed & super stylish outfit ideas for family photos at the beach.

After you have convinced the kids and hubby to have family photos, the next thing to figure out is always "what are we all  going to wear?"

And this can either be heaps of fun, or your worst nightmare depending on how you roll. I send all my clients a "What to Wear" guide as soon as we have a date sorted to help you with planning if you need it.  And I also send you a link to my private Pinterest Boards for some colour inspiration that will help you put whole family combinations together. I have Pinterest Boards for both beach and park-like locations because some colours will work better in different places.

But I always reckon you you should start with your outfirst first! Make sure you have something that makes you feel fab and relaxed. If it's jeans and a nice top, then go with that - not everyone is a floatie dress lover!

Below are 5 fabulous places to shop if you want to treat yourself to something new for your next family photo session. 

Loftie Lifestyle

I always like to start with SHOP LOCAL options if you can. Loftie is run by Bernadette Norman who previously owned Mallets Fashion. 

She has some lovely casual outfits and her windows are always changing with lots of inspiration for how to pull an outfit together.

She's always so helpful too if you aren't quite sure of how to combine something. Follow her on social media too as she's really active on there and posts lots of outfit suggestions there as well.

Foxwood is definitely one of my favourite brands that she stocks!

Her website is: https://www.loftie.co.nz


Jeans West

Next up is Jeans West with their store in central Whangarei.

The shorter length, reasonably fitted jeans are perfect for summer sessions. The fitted denim jacket, like the one in this picture, helps to give your body some shape as well. Although we might think that big and floatie hides our perceived flaws, actually the opposite is true for photos. So combining something a bit more fitted like this jacket over the top, will give you some shape and be more flattering in your photos.

If white jeans are your thing, then they look great with some of the pastel floral colours around this spring/summer. But don't stress if you are like me and just can't do the white jeans thing. Plain old denim goes with so many colours and you won't have to worry about dropping something on them 5 mins before you get in the car!

Website: https://www.jeanswest.co.nz



Shine On

I have been a Shine On fan since their very early days when they opened their first shop in Orewa. They have lots of reasonably priced options perfect for family photos. A floaty top like this one that tucks in, is a great option to go with a jeans look (obviously you won't need the heels and handbag at the beach though).

The only trouble with them is that they sell out really quickly - they have the online Facebook selling lark down to a fine art. So if you see something you like, I'd suggest you buy it the first time you see it!.

Website: https://shineon.co.nz

Harrie & Sam

This one is a new discovery for me. I asked some of the ladies in a NZ-wide business group I am in, where they love to shop online and this one came up. 

I love that every garment is designed and made by hand, with love, in New Zealand. They use local pattern makers and sewists, because they believe that supporting local is better for people, the economy and Mother Nature. 

They seem to operate on a system where they make to order, so you need to allow a bit of extra time if you choose to buy from them. 

Website: https://harrieandsam.co.nz




Kilt is another suggestion from my business group ladies from around the country.

They also make all their clothes here in NZ in their Napier based factory.

They have some lovely casual dress options and something like this one that pulls in at the waist is also more flattering than than a full on floatie A line type dress.

Website: https://www.kiltonline.co.nz


Lovelee Soles

Most of the families who have beach sessions with me prefer to go with barefeet. But if you would like to do a few in the sand dunes or up the top of a cliff (maybe Ocean Beach for example), then you might want to have a casual shoe option.

These gorgeous shoes from Amanda at Lovelee Soles would be just perfect! Amanda is based in Whangarei but sells her shoes via their online store.

Website: https://www.loveleesoles.co.nz