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Welcome to my little space on the big world web. I love to photograph beautiful things ~ especially the children, families, events, beaches and flowers of Northland.

Well, if you are the proud Mum & Dad of two Auckland Uni graduates, you plan your own party to celebrate this fantastic achievement! Kate finished her Masters in Urban Planning in 2019 but opted to delay her graduation ceremony til 2020. This was so she could graduate at the same time as brother Sean who would be completing his Doctorate in Music Education. Unfortunately like lots of events in 2020, the first nation-wide lockdown resulted in the cancellation of their graduation ceremony. It was re-scheduled to later in the year but then in a very unfortunate twist of fate, the re-scheduled To View More >>

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Let’s face it, all parents need a good bribe now and then to get the kids to take part in photo sessions. If you’ve never thought about including a playground session in your family portraits before, then here’s few examples of how we can make a session fun for everyone and get great photos for your album.  Start with a taster on a few playthings I like to start with a bit of playtime on a few climbing frames. It gives the kids time to get used to having sometime taking their photo (other than Mum). It also sets the scene for the session being fun and not just a whole lot To View More >>

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Convincing teenagers to take part in a family photoshoot can be like trying to negotiate world peace at times. So since I have two of them, I asked them what would be the best way to get them to agree to having family photos.   Here are their top 3 suggestions: 1. Let them wear something they love and feel comfortable in One of my teens is not a real girlie girl, but she said she would wear a nice summer, surf style dress if she could go to her favourite shop and pick out a new one.  So talk to them in advance about what you are all going to wear and get them involved in the planning. To View More >>

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I find inspiration for my Magic Moments photo sessions everywhere! It's like my brain has a separate tab that's always open and scanning for new ideas, great locations and pretty light. I bet you are like that too with the things that you are passionate about - are you a gardener, a crafter, or a chef in that other part of you that sometimes gets hidden away behind the chaos of everyday life with kids? This beautiful photo session was inspired by a tiny purple flower. A flower that would you believe it, is called "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow". I was having a coffee in a local cafe between To View More >>