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Come and take a look behind the scenes and into the galleries of some of my wonderful clients. 

Regular, everyday people making precious memories for their family's. 


I love dahlias - they remind me of my Granny who used to grow them in long rows in her rambling country garden.

Although to be fair, I can't say I really liked them all that much back then. Granny used to pay us pocket money to go and weed the rows during the summer holidays, not my most favourite past-time. Although there was something quite satisfying about seeing a nice weed-free row of flowers when we had finished.

I think dahlias are a lot like hydraengas. They are another flower I used to think were just liked by old ladies. I am not sure if they are just back in fashion or I am actually an old lady now!

Any which way, they are beautiful to photograph and we had lots of fun with this bunch we picked ourselves at Left Fields in Waipu.

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