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A teen family photoshoot at Ocean Beach

Convincing teenagers to take part in a family photoshoot can be like trying to negotiate world peace at times. So since I have two of them, I asked them what would be the best way to get them to agree to having family photos.


Here are their top 3 suggestions:

1. Let them wear something they love and feel comfortable in

One of my teens is not a real girlie girl, but she said she would wear a nice summer, surf style dress if she could go to her favourite shop and pick out a new one.  So talk to them in advance about what you are all going to wear and get them involved in the planning.

(Disclaimer: This might not work as well with boys – keep in mind I only have two girls!)


2. Make sure you choose a date/time that doesn’t conflict with their social life

Planning a family photo session on a Saturday evening when they are more likely to miss out on something their friends are doing, is guaranteed to result in an unhappy teen. So reassure them that you will check the date and time works with them before you confirm your booking.



3. Try not to do your session somewhere there are lots of people watching

The majority of people feel a bit awkward having your photo taken. For teens though, thinking that everyone is watching you adds even more stress. So consider taking them at the beach where everyone just naturally seems more relaxed. And perhaps avoid the peak summer months when there are more people on the beach in the evenings. Sept / Oct are great months to aim for if you want to take this approach.


And a couple of tips from me:

  • If you have a family dog, then let's get them in the session too. Everyone is more relaxed when there is a canine family member around!

  • Reassure them that the whole session is not going to be focused on them looking at the camera. There are lots of cool shots we can get that don't involve standing and posing.


The teenage years fly past pretty quick and they are so busy with taxi driving! I know you haven't got time for downloading digital files and sorting out prints and photobooks. That's why I offer a full print service and design albums as part of all my standard family session packages. 

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PS: And if all else fails, they said bribery works just as well at this age as it did when they were little. (Although this Mum suspects something a little bit more substantial than a lollipop may be required).


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