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When I am designing an album together for my clients, here are 5 types of shots that I love to include. They are almost all, not the kind of shots people choose to print for the family photo wall. But they are often the ones that tell the real story of your family and are a beautiful way to remember the relaxed time you all spent together at the beach (or in your backyard) to have them done. 1. Shooting from behind Shots taken from behind you might not be the ones you want to print big on the wall, but I love them for helping to set the scene for your family session. This To View More >>

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A double graduation celebration for this Whangarei family. Well, if you are the proud Mum & Dad of two Auckland Uni graduates, you plan your own party to celebrate this fantastic achievement! Kate finished her Masters in Urban Planning in 2019 but opted to delay her graduation ceremony til 2020. This was so she could graduate at the same time as brother Sean who would be completing his Doctorate in Music Education. Unfortunately like lots of events in 2020, the first nation-wide lockdown resulted in the cancellation of their graduation ceremony. It was re-scheduled to later in the year To View More >>

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You might think it’s impossible to get gorgeous family photos when your kids never sit still. But I can guarantee you it’s not! There’s a style of family portrait photography called “Lifestyle Family Photography” and it’s perfect for when you want to invest in professional family photography, but you’re scared the kids won’t sit still.  It’s all about making the session more of an adventure than a “stand & pose” photoshoot and it’s what I suggest to all my clients with kids (and especially those under To View More >>

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