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Come and take a look behind the scenes and into the galleries of some of my wonderful clients. 

Regular, everyday people making precious memories for their family's. 

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When I am designing an album together for my clients, here are 5 types of shots that I love to include. They are almost all, not the kind of shots people choose to print for the family photo wall. But they are often the ones that tell the real story of your family and are a beautiful way to remember the relaxed time you all spent together at the beach (or in your backyard) to have them done. 1. Shooting from behind Shots taken from behind you might not be the ones you want to print big on the wall, but I love them for helping to set the scene for your family session. This To View More >>

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I love dahlias - they remind me of my Granny who used to grow them in long rows in her rambling country garden. Although to be fair, I can't say I really liked them all that much back then. Granny used to pay us pocket money to go and weed the rows during the summer holidays, not my most favourite past-time. Although there was something quite satisfying about seeing a nice weed-free row of flowers when we had finished. I think dahlias are a lot like hydraengas. They are another flower I used to think were just liked by old ladies. I am not sure if they are just back in fashion To View More >>

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I didn't even know that we had "Pick your Own" flower gardens here in Whangarei. But when I moved to my new daytime job at Northland Inc, one of our team mentioned that you could do this out at Left Fields in Waipu. I promptly forgot all about it though until I saw a post on facebook last week. My Uni student daughter who is home for the holidays, very kindly agreed to come out with me to pick some flowers we could use later in the day in my photography studio for some floral portraits. I love learning new skills and am currently trying to master using To View More >>

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I had the pleasure of photographing Jalissa's first little girl when she was just a few weeks old. This time though, good old Covid-19 meant I didn't get to meet her second beautiful little girl til she was almost 4 months old. But what a delightfully cute and smiley little cherub Skylah turnd out to be. She most definitley already has Mum and big sister Neveah wrapped around her little finger. To View More >>

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At 18yrs Caitlin was about to head off for her second year of University in Hamilton. Before she went, we had a fun afternoon shooting this session (that she planned and styled) on the hillside next to our rural Whangarei home. To View More >>

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